Sports Science Takes Quantum Leap

The World's First Full Body PBM Recovery Chamber


World's First PBM Sports Recovery Chamber

Know the Science. Transform Your Life!

RejuveLight is a leading distributor of high tech sports recovery and performance modalities. We cater to professional athletes, celebrities, elite sports teams, coaches, military forces, and first responders as well as state-of-the-art fitness and wellness facilities. We combine the latest advancements in sports science together with that of nanotechnology to provide superior delivery of scientific analysis, products, and services to our clients.  

What is Humanly Possible?

Our Performance Systems lets you see more physiological and biomechanical data than any other wearable monitoring system. So your people can train harder, avoid injury and perform better than they ever thought possible.

Game Changer!

Full Body PMB Therapy is a powerful modality that will revolutionize sports recovery.  It is currently being utilized to regenerate muscle, tendon, bone, and nerve tissues.  Up until recently, therapy had only been available through handheld laser devices to do spot treatments.

Know your body with medical-grade DXA Scan technology and transform your health, and fitness with science.

Measure Track and Discover.  Ready to get Started?

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Monday - Friday
9 AM - 5 PM EST

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