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Please feel free to browse our gallery below to learn more about PBMT (Photobiomodulation Therapy). Be sure to check out our customer photos and to send us yours... so we can post them to our website.  We encourage you to have fun with it!And oh... rejuveLight will likely be participating in future studies to include additional pain management, sports performance and recovery, wrinkles, and hair regrowth studies.  Don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive updates and new product announcements.




Rashaun Jackson Super Heavyweight MMA Fighter... Stands Undefeated!


Elite Athlete Uses PBMT To Improve Recovery & Muscle Performance.


Phillip Rowe... Heavyweight MMA Fighter... Stands Undefeated...


Wiener Dog Hi-jacks PBMT Session!


Reggie Williams All Time Greatest NFL Linebacker Rids Cat Allergy thru PBMT


Kitty Likes PBMT for Broken Leggy

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